Things To Know About American Football


American football is one of the most competitive sports in the USA and is really famous in that country. It is really exciting to watch because it has a balance combination of physical play and also strategy and is played with two teams that can obtain points by putting the ball on the end zone of the opposite team. The basic rules of the game are for the team to pass the ball or carry it through the running with players. There are various ways that teams can earn points and the winning team of the game is a team that has score the most points in the entire game.


American football is mostly the same as Canadian football, but both of them have really obvious differences. American football has various types of Alumni Football teams which include high school football, college football and also professional football, and each of these games has their own rules. The professional league in America is one of the best football leagues around the world.  American football is really famous sport apart from the USA, people can be seen in countries like Germany, UK, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Japan, Mexico, Spain, Israel, Australia that are playing American football in their free time. It is mostly believed that American football was developed from the different kinds of rugby football, it mostly have various changes in the rules from rugby to create American football.


Professional football was mostly formed in 1982 and the ohio league was then made in 1903 and at that time was the biggest professional league and the modern American football association have come into existence into 1920. The field that is used for playing Alumni Football USA is required to be 360 by 160 feet and the place where players get to score in the field where it is called the end zone. The game would start with a coin toss where the winning teams gets the decision on what part of the field they would start. And the game is mostly split into 4 parts and these parts are mostly 15 minutes long and have a 12 minute half time schedule. Players can easily advance the ball in a number of ways,  and the first one is that they can choose to run the ball which is rushing, or they can throw to pass the ball to a specific teammate.